All Companies and businesses need to have access to good sound legal advice on a wide range of legal matters.    Businesses can experience difficulties on a day to day basis regarding contractual, financial, and employment issues that need immediate advice from the Company’s own Solicitor.

Commercial Agreements will often need to be drafted, or approved.   In certain circumstances, Agreements between the Company’s own Shareholders may have to be drafted to regulate the relationship, or to settle disputes, between them.   

Very often, Employer/Employee disputes arise.   It is important for both the Employer and the Employee to get the advice of a Solicitor, so that the statutory rights and obligations of the parties can be considered, before the dispute escalates and has to be resolved in the more formal atmosphere of a Court or a Tribunal.

I have considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of the sort of opportunities and the problems that face businesses on a day to day basis. 

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