It is in the interest of your loved ones, that you make a Will.   Without a Will, your estate will be divided in accordance with strict rules that are laid down by law.   The result is unlikely to be in accordance with your own wishes.

By making a Will, you decide “who gets what” and you can plan your Will in such a way as to minimise and sometimes even eliminate the possible Capital Acquisitions Tax (“CAT”) liability that your Beneficiaries could become liable for.   CAT thresholds have been reduced and the rate of tax increased substantially in recent years, leading to a greater possibility that tax will become payable.   

I can advise you of all of the options that are available to you when you make your Will and I can prepare a Will that gives effect to your wishes.   It is very important that you obtain independent legal advice and that you are not put under any pressure to meet the expectations of others.      

When a person dies, it is very important that their estate is properly and quickly administered so that the estate can be divided, either in accordance with the Will, or the law.   I can arrange to act on behalf of the Executors, to apply for the necessary Grant of Probate, or Administration and to distribute the estate among the Beneficiaries.

There are very strict rules which apply to the making of Wills.   If a Will is not properly made in accordance with those rules, it may not be admitted into Probate.  It is therefore advisable that you get your Solicitor to advise you and to draft and witness the execution of your Will.  

I provide a helpful Memorandum for Clients on Wills, Succession and CAT, which is available to anyone upon request.

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